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Life is Beautiful ☠ hound—of—justice


Citadel, Silversun Strip, 1800 hours

Jack hadn’t seen Shepard in almost a week—their meeting at the bar was the first time in a very long time, and the biotic wasn’t right in her head when they had their reunion. She blamed him for causes that were out of control, and she felt bad for letting her emotions get out of hand.

She heard that the Commander was temporarily staying at the Citadel, and that he was borrowing a fancy apartment there. Thus, with a bottle of Asari mead in her hand, she stood in front of the apartment entrance and rung the bell.

"Hey," she blurted, as if Connor could hear him. "It’s me…Jack. I brought you a gift."

Connor laid in bed, sighing in content.  This was the most peace that he had ever been allowed for a long time.  All the the wars he had fought, now resolved, ended.  Everyone had gone back to living without fear, though his own transition was proving to be harder than he expected.  Starting with Jack.  When he returned, she treated him as if he was an old flame who had scorned her.  Although he was also sure that thinking someone was dead, only to find that they were indeed alive had to have been a trip.  He rolled over, letting out another tired huff when he heard his doorbell ring.  

And a voice…a familiar one.  It was Jack.  He quickly scrambled to his feet and quickly walked to the door, unlocking and then opening it.  ”Jack…..I-I wasn’t expecting to see you…”

"It's harvest time."



  • 7. binge on candy

Connor dumped several bowls of candy on the table.  ”Not too many kinds live in this neighborhood, huh?  Look at all of this candy…would be a shame for it all to go to waste…” he smirked at V.

      V smiled warmly as she watched his eyes light up like they would in a young child’s. She chuckled softly, making her way to his side as she scanned the large pile of candy that would become her next victim, “You’re secretly a 12 year old boy, aren’t you?”

Connor gazed at V, his mouth slightly puckered from the extremely sour candy in his mouth.  ”Only on Halloween, Ms President,” he replied with a smirk, which soon puckered again. “Wow, these are more sour than I remember…”


     { ♞ } Anna quirked a brow at his response. She wondered why he was so secretive and for a moment, she believed her own theory that he managed to anger some British general and had soldiers come after him as retribution. War always did bring out the worst in people. Anna sighed and dropped the matter. If he didn’t want to talk, then she wouldn’t force it out of him. 

     ”Very well. I will drop the issue if it what you wish,” she answered and pulled out a chair from the table. She sat down and crossed her arms and legs, looking at him as he spoke again. Anna couldn’t help but chuckle at his question.

     ”That is a strange thing to ask. When I save someone, usually they do not question it,” Anna smirked. “I was in the area and heard the whole commotion. I went up to the fort, saw that you were in trouble and decided to come to your aid. No hidden agenda, if that is what you think.”

Well, his savior luckily would not try to force the issue from him. Many before her had attempted to get involved, and even went as far to stand by him as he fought various battles.  But he often felt uncomfortable at times when others would come to his aid.  Because he would feel horrible if others were to get hurt trying to fight his battles at his side.  

Even so, this woman did save his life.  And perhaps it was foolish to question the fact that she did.  He may have died this day if not for her.

"I just do not want to involve you in this battle if it is unnecessary. I know you are clearly capable of handling yourself, but even so…this burden is mine alone to carry, and I would hate it if you were to be inconvenienced or harmed because you came to my aid..  But…I am grateful to you regardless."


melon - my first impression of you - [Well, the first thing I thought was “whoa, your blog is beautiful.”  Then I saw your RPs and thought “whoa, your writing is beautiful.”  Then as I continued seeing you on my dash, and watching you interact with others, I just realized that you’re just simply aesthetically pleasing in every single way.  I love how you care so much about people and the way you tell off naysayers as well.  And what you’ve done with Eva is brilliant, but I expected that since I’ve seen your writing within your OC’s blog before and yeah…you’re pretty much one of the best things on my dash. :)]  

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