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"It is time for the world to know my name."

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Name: Alsoomse
Gender: Female
Height: 4’11”
Orientation: Straight
Age: 24
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
Smoking?: No
Drinking?: Very rarely
Drugs?: No
Job: warrior/huntress/healer
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Band: (Modern) It varies, although A Tribe Called Red has some catchy tunes.
Siblings: One older brother
Tattoos?: None
Favorite Book?: Not one in particular, although I rather enjoy biographies or any other form of nonfiction.
Perfect Date: A horseback ride or hunt on the frontier with maybe a picnic to follow by a lake or river. And then maybe some cuddling beside a fire.
Hobbies: Hunting, beadwork, dancing, singing, riding
Why should I pick you?: Because we have a lot of similar interests, we get along quite well, and I think we would enjoy life together in a way neither of us have experienced before. I think I could make you happy and be supportive of you in all of your endeavors as well as—hopefully—be a comforting presence for you. A reason for you to return home safely.
Why do you even want to date me?: Besides your incredibly handsome features, impeccable hunting abilities, and pristine fighting skills? I find you to be a man with good morals and a gentle heart. Someone I can trust with all that I have and I enjoy being with you. I want to remain at your side for as long as you wish it. You make me happier than I ever have been before.


"Of course you are accepted, my love.  There is no other for me"

I hope you enjoy my puppy anons! I love writing with you!

[I do my friend!  I’m going to answer the latest one in a bit ^_^]

If you were to choose someone to play as real life Connor in a movie who would you choose? note: he doesn't have to be an actor, just pick someone

[Eddie Spears for sure.  I use him as my FC for his Modern RPs and the resemblance is uncanny:]

[BTW sorry I’m JUST now answering this…my asks have been backed up for a bit ><]

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